Ready for a Bagellicious Journey?

Welcome to Bagel Bliss Club!

Are you prepared to take your bagel experience to new heights? Our Bagel Club is here to sprinkle some extra magic into your mornings. Here's the scoop:

Monthly Bagel Bliss: Sign up for our Bagel Club, and every month, a mouthwatering assortment of bagels will grace your doorstep. No fuss, just pure bagel delight.

Dive into Our Bagel Wonderland: Explore our scrumptious bagel menu, featuring timeless classics and imaginative creations to satisfy every palate.

Your Bagel, Your Way: We want you to relish every bite. Pick your favourite bagels, or let us surprise you with our monthly picks. Your bagels, your call – just drop us a line!

Sustainability in Every Bite: We take pride in baking sustainably, harnessing solar power to fire up our ovens. Plus, we use only the finest organic ingredients to craft our bagels, because quality matters.

Vegan-friendly Magic: Hey, vegans, you're in luck! The majority of our bagels are vegan-friendly, making Bagels your guilt-free indulgence hotspot.

Always Fresh, Always Chewy: Our bagels are baked fresh the day before delivery, ensuring that perfect, chewy goodness every time.

Choose from 3, 6 or 12 month plans.

12-Month Surprise: As a token of our appreciation for your 12 purchases, we're sending you a complimentary batch of bagels at the end of your 12-month adventure. Our treat, including delivery!

Ready to infuse some bagel magic into your mornings? Join our bagel club today and embark on a delicious bagel journey!