Treat yourself to a delightful experience with our 6-month offer: Receive 10 assorted bagels delivered to your doorstep each month, all across the UK!

And here's the delicious twist: Your first order is a steal at just £18.90, saving you a generous 50% on bagels, and it includes postage. We're passionate about sustainability, with our solar panels powering our operations, and our unwavering dedication to organic goodness.

Here's a little extra food for thought: Our mouthwatering bagels are baked using the clean, green energy of solar power. Come savour these eco-friendly delights with us!

Indulge in a delectable treat with our offer: 10 assorted bagels delivered to your door every month for 6 months, all across the UK!

Here's the icing on the bagel: Your first order costs just £18.90, saving you a whopping 50% on bagels, and includes postage. We take pride in our sustainable practices, powered by solar panels, and our commitment to organic goodness. ??

Bonus info: Our scrumptious bagels are baked using the clean, green energy of solar power. Join us in savouring these eco-friendly delights!

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But wait, there's a mouthwatering twist: Your initial order is an absolute steal at only £18.90, giving you a whopping 50% discount on bagels, and it even covers the postage. We're deeply committed to sustainability, with our operations powered by solar panels and a steadfast dedication to organic excellence.

Here's some extra food for your thoughts: Our delectable bagels are crafted using the pure, green energy of solar power.